The Hylofit System is ideal for riders who rely on others to help train their horses. Hylofit will log the workout and provide a valuable overview of the training sessions so riders can understand how their horse is being worked while they are away.

As a trainer best known for his TRT Method, Tristan’s focus is on making every horse confident and relaxed.

Tristan Tucker is a globally renowned trainer and horseman. He developed his training method after years of learning from the best, everyone from dressage experts to Australian horsemanship gurus and circus trainers. Tristan helps horses temper the “flight” instinct and enables them to be more comfortable in their own skin and surroundings. His behind the scenes work translates directly to improved performances in competition.

Tristan uses Hylofit to showcase the results of his training method. Hylofit provides a real-time view into the physiological impact on horse and rider in stressful situations. Hylofit has been a game changer for showcasing Tristan’s training techniques, providing an objective measure of the impact of his work.

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