Welcoming The University of Southern California Equestrian Team to The Hylofit Family


We are excited to welcome the University of Southern California Equestrian Team to the Hylofit family. The team is using Hylofit to make smarter training decisions and to track their fitness (horse and rider!) throughout the competition season.


Below team president, Sara Sowins, talks about their first two weeks with Hylofit and the impact it is already having on training.


It has been two weeks since our team’s first use of Hylofit; however, in this small amount of time, each of our riders have gained invaluable knowledge about their performance. It has been fascinating to see how our heart rates adjust and react depending on what stage we are in our lesson—no stirrups on the flat definitely increases it! It is equally interesting to take a glance at how previous rides for the horse have compared to our own. In my experience, I noticed that my horse’s lower heart rate was due to the nature of our lesson being shorter and less intense than his previous lesson. After accumulating several days of data, Hylofit is also an incredible tool for gauging the performance of our horses, and it is clear that any difference in their heart rates might be an early indicator of something that needs our attention. Hylofit will be an amazing tool to monitor and maintain our horses’ health. Our Coach, Kat, is also excited to utilize the live view feature to watch our lessons in real time and help give us relevant feedback. We are all excited to see where our next weeks of using Hylofit will take us!


The USC team is combined with riders from all different levels who are enjoying the information the Hylofit system is providing about their rides. We will be following the USC equestrian teams journey as they ride with Hylofit throughout the season. They will be incorporating the system into their weekly training, using the data to adjust training strategies for each rider and horse and tracking their path to regionals.