Two Worlds Together Dressage Summit

Photo by Brenda Ladd, Ladd Farm Photography 

Photo by Brenda Ladd, Ladd Farm Photography 

Hylofit was on the ground for the 3rd gathering of the Two Worlds Together Dressage Summit in Ocala, Florida. Hosted by Linda and Pat Parelli, this was an opportunity to learn techniques for understanding the mental and emotional states of the horse and to promote physical fitness. The Parellis, known for their expertise in equine psychology, partnered with Luis Lucio and Christoph Hess to bring a new dimension to their method: equine psychology paired with heart rate and classical dressage.


Several live seminars were held over the three-day clinic. One seminar included Linda and her horse, Hot Jazz, who demonstrated how to go beyond the aids in order to build confidence and allow the horse time to think. During another, Pat explained how unrelated issues such as spooking or avoiding can negatively affect a horse under saddle. “It has been an honor to present the horseman’s point of view and then to also have Christoph and Luis here who are absolute world-class experts in dressage, and combine these together.” Pat Parelli.  


For those unfamiliar, Luis Lucio is a dressage trainer and former Olympian. During the clinic, he focused on how heart rate can influence the horse. “Heart rate gives you data that then helps you to understand the stress level and anxiety of the horse in that moment.” Luis Lucio. Courtesy of Hylofit, Luis watched the live heart rates of horse and rider on a smartphone while he was teaching and adjusted his training based on the real-time data. Throughout the clinic, Luis taught students how to simulate pressure in the saddle and how to create an ideal scenario for horse and rider to overcome. Luis’ teachings focused on how to properly reward the horse and reminded the crowd that taking time to pause, and allow the horse time to think (and get their heart rate down), can be of great benefit to both horse and rider.


Heart rate, an indicator of workload, stress, and pain, is a wonderful tool for understanding the mental and emotional state of the horse. As the motto went for the weekend, “When you ride the mind and connect with the horse's mind, you then win his heart.” Linda Parelli.