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Hylofit’s Official Launch At Equine Affaire

Equine Affaire, the largest horse-related trade show in the east, was the perfect venue to launch Hylofit, the new equine wearable for horse and rider on November 8th, 2018. For equestrians who have never been to this gigantic horse affair before, you definitely need to mark your calendars! Equine Affaire you can experience a wealth of equestrian products at extremely reasonable prices. Beyond the amazing shopping, you can then walk over to one of the many clinics that are going on throughout the day.

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Why Should I Use Heart Rate Zones to Train with my Horse? | HYLOFIT

Why is it important to train with a heart rate monitor?

Heart rate is a very reliable indicator of your horse’s condition, when used before, during and after exercise. Since the cardiovascular system is responsible for delivering blood to the muscles and removing by-products of metabolism, it is central to the horse’s musculoskeletal system’s ability to function.

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