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Interview with Brynn Jones

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“The Hylofit demonstration is unique. We share this product with you, not only to increase awareness of horse and rider fitness, but also to hear your story and determine how Hylofit can support your individual goals, setbacks and successes.” – Brynn Jones


What does a Hylofit demo entail?

A Hylofit demonstration happens on location at the requested farm/riding area. You will ride with the girth attachment and a demo phone in order to gain firsthand knowledge of the Hylofit System. During your ride I will video and/or show bystanders the horse and rider heart rate in real-time.  Afterwards, I will review the data with you and upload the video to show your ride overlaid with the horse and rider heart rate data.


Where will you be located in Florida and for how long?

I am in Ocala until the end of March. I am happy to travel anywhere in Florida and have a colleague in Wellington who can provide demonstrations there as well.


Are Hylofit demos free?

Yes, Hylofit demonstrations are absolutely free and are great to schedule during your normal ride time or even during a lesson with your trainer.


Will Hylofit be at any of the horse shows in Florida?

We have vendor space at HITS Ocala during week 5 and 8, and will be hosting  two demonstrations during this time. The first is on Sunday, February 17th, prior to the 100k Grand Prix and the second is on Saturday, March 9th prior to the Child Adult Jumper Classic. We also have a team on the ground in Wellington for WEF and Global.


What type of data/insights does Hylofit deliver? 

1) Real-time feedback - use Hylofit (on your phone or Apple watch) during your ride for real-time performance insights.

2) Post-ride Analysis - view a full recap of your training session complete with a proprietary intensity score, full-ride analytics and a graphical display of performance.

3) Zone Training - Hylofit intensity zones are based on your horse’s heart rate and provide a clear indication of the cardiovascular impact of any ride. Set fitness goals and use the color-coded zones to vary your training regimen from day to day for maximum results.

4) Rider Insights - Hylofit tracks the impact of every ride on the rider as well as the horse. In addition to time spent in the saddle, we use heart rate to calculate caloric burn and link to Apple Health so rides are included as part of the overall health profile.

Would you like to schedule a Hylofit demonstration with Brynn Jones? Contact her at the information below.




Cell/Text: 302-276-3054

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