Know Your Ride Deeper With Alexandra Reid


Have you ever wondered to yourself… Is my horse fit?... Is the training that I am providing to my horse too much? Or not enough? Thanks to Hylofit, all of this guessing can now be put to rest. The system is a wearable device for both horse and rider. It uses heart rate to track performance and provide insights to improve training results and promote the overall health and wellbeing of your horse. The information that is gathered can be seen on the Hylofit app where you can review your intensity score and look back at historical training results. The app even provides a calendar view and activity graph, which allows you to track performance over time. Hylofit helps riders reach their goals with their horses by making hidden information about their training more visible. 


We sat down with Alexandra Reid, one of the early adopters of the Hylofit system. Alexandra, is currently working and riding at Jewel Court Stud USA, where she incorporates the system into her daily training regimes. We asked Alexandra some questions about Hylofit to better understand how the data helps her analyze her training and set fitness goals. 

How would you describe your riding career?

I’ve been riding since a young age. I briefly competed in the Hunter/Jumper and Eventing worlds but then found my passion for Dressage around the age of 14 or 15. At 18 I had the opportunity to become a working student and was fully immersed in the sport at the professional level. During this time, I competed at the NAJYRC - earning an individual bronze medal -- and was a groom for Team Canada at the 2012 London Olympics. Currently, I am working and riding at Jewel Court Stud USA with an incredible team of people and horses. I love being able to observe and learn in such an inspiring environment. Last year I completed my first season riding at the Grand Prix level and am now looking forward to another successful year in 2019!  


How has Hylofit helped you better understand your horse's training regimes?

Hylofit has given me confidence in the unique training programs we have developed for each horse. We always try to do what’s best for the horse in the sense of keeping them happy, sound and motivated. Hylofit confirms that we are making good training decisions.

Now I have actual data to confirm when a horse is stronger and ready to do more or when we need to take it back a notch... is just so reassuring.
— Alexandra Reid

What does a normal week of training look like for you? And what zones should the horses be hitting?

* Depending on what the horse is presenting or if the horse is attending a show.

Young Horses:

* Should be hitting a zone 1-2 for most of the week. Should also hit a zone 3, once maybe twice during the week.

Monday - Lunge

Tuesday - Ride

Wednesday Ride (could be hill work)

Thursday - Hack

Friday - Ride

Saturday - Off

Sunday - Off or in-hand/ground work

Older Horses:

*More of a working zone 2-3 for most of the week. Maybe hitting a zone 4 once during the week as well.

Monday: Ride

Tuesday: Ride

Wednesday: Hack/Hills

Thursday: Ride

Friday: Ride

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Inhand/groundwork

* All the horses go on the walker everyday for 20-45 min and in paddock.

How do you use Hylofit to help meet riding goals? 

It’s gratifying for me to finish a ride and see that I was able to achieve the workout I set out to achieve that day. Since training with Hylofit, I’m constantly gaining new knowledge that I can then put into practice with each individual horse. For example, I can set a goal to conduct a “zone 3” ride two days of the week on a specific horse and I have learned how to vary my training exercises and techniques to reach my goal with that horse.


Since you started training with Hylofit, what has been your biggest breakthrough moment? A moment that led you to know your ride even deeper.  

My biggest breakthrough moments have come with the young horses I ride and train. It is so easy to want to keep going when they are so willing and keen to work... but having the ability to see live HR during my ride has really opened my eyes to how much more effort a young horse is putting out - even if they are not showing typical signs of exhaustion or stress. There are times when I have ridden for 20 minutes that felt super relaxed and easy but when I look at the data I realize we have been pushing really hard. Having this data in real time gives me the ability to say, “ok, that was a solid workout so tomorrow, instead of hitting those areas again, we can do a stretch day or go on a hack.”


Thanks to Hylofit, Alexandra is able to communicate with her horse and build a stronger partnership. Being able to know your ride one step deeper leads to healthy, happy horses. Use Hylofit to notice differences in your training, set and reach fitness goals and share your data with your team and friends.