Hylofit Takes Over the Grand Prix Stadium at HITS Ocala


The stands at the HITS Horse Shows in Ocala were filled with eager riders on Sunday, February 17th as Matthias Hollberg and his horse Diabolo trotted their way into the Grand Prix stadium. The occasion was the Hylofit demonstration which took place prior to the $100,000 Grand Prix.


Diablo entered the ring with a heart rate over 150 beats per minute (bpm). This high heart rate belied his calm appearance and those in the audience were able to see the nervous mindset of the horse thanks to the Hylofit System, which was broadcasting Diabolo’s heart rate in real-time on the big screen.


As Diabolo flatted around the ring his heart rate lowered to 140 bpm and then, when Matthias asked the horse to start jumping over fences, his heart rate dropped even more. One could see that Diabolo’s focus on the work at hand reduced the stress caused by being in the arena. Heart rate is not only a measure of workload but also of stress and pain. This recent demo at HITS was a great example of the impact stress has on equine heart rate.

Hylofit would like to thank HITS Horse Shows, Matthias Hollberg and Diabolo for a spectacular Hylofit demonstration. If you missed us at HITS during week five, we will be back on the ground this summer at HITS Saugerties where we will be hosting another demonstration.

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