Hylofit’s Official Launch At Equine Affaire


Equine Affaire, the largest horse-related trade show in the east, was the perfect venue to launch Hylofit, the new equine wearable for horse and rider on November 8th, 2018.

For equestrians who have never been to this gigantic horse affair before, you definitely need to mark your calendars! Equine Affaire you can experience a wealth of equestrian products at extremely reasonable prices. Beyond the amazing shopping, you can then walk over to one of the many clinics that are going on throughout the day. These clinics are being presented by top equestrians in the industry, and the amount of knowledge one can absorb is limitless. The new Hylofit technology was able to be featured in several clinics as well as the versatile horse and rider competition throughout the four-day event.

One particular event that crowds gather for during Equine Affaire is the versatile horse and rider competition. Some call it “the ultimate test of horsemanship.”  This class involves tackling a timed and judged race through an obstacle course. This test is meant to showcase the communication between horse and rider as well as each competitor’s horsemanship skills. As the horse and rider team race through the course and work through each obstacle they are judged on several horsemanship skills as well as overall performance. And of course, the overall prize for the winner is $5,500.

Hylofit was part of the versatile horse and rider action. Six of the versatile riders competed with Hylofit during their round. Hylofit was a perfect device to use during the competition since it measures the heart rate of both horse and rider in real time. The wearable also calculates heart rate zone intensity of the ride, distance, time and many other insightful features.

After the competition was over, it was fascinating to see where the horse’s and rider’s heart rates spiked. The riders had to steer their horses through an arch of balloons (yes extremely terrifying) and you can only imagine the heart rate of the horse during this time. They even had to walk the horses over wooden beams, almost like a tightrope walker. This versatile riding definitely tests a horse's and rider’s abilities. And the best part was to see the results of the competitor’s heart rate during the competition. This information can help determine when a horse and rider are working hard or hardly working.

Hylofit was also worn by horse and rider teams participating in the Lynn Symansky clinics. They can see a graphical display of their performance via the Hylofit app. One can see from the time the pair are trotting over cavaletti poles to jumping over gymnastics the heart rate has fluctuated. This particular rider was excited to ride with Hylofit due to the fact that her baby thoroughbred was recently injured and she was just beginning to bring him back to work. Having Hylofit provide evidence to her as to where he needs to work on physical activity will help this rider’s training regimes for the future. Thus, this data can help the rider track performance over time, compare workouts, and understand the increases and decreases of both her and her horse's fitness over time.

Lastly, one of the most powerful moments for Hylofit during the clinics was Warwick Schiller’s demonstration of how to destress your horse. What made this clinic so fascinating was having Hylofit provide the factual evidence of destress to the horse and rider. The audience was able to login to the Hylofit website and see all of this data in real time, while Warrick was explaining the tricks to his method. Finally, after some time with the black gelding, the audience can see relaxation within the horses head, as his neck slowly released. Having a horse drop their neck and head is one of the biggest signs of calmness in a horse. And as the horse kept his head in such position one can look at the Hylofit data to see the dramatic drop in the horse's rate heart rate from the beginning of the clinic. The lower the heart rate, the less stress the horse is exhibiting.

It filled the hearts of the Hylofit team to see riders so interested in the wellbeing of their horses. And not only were everyday recreational riders so fascinated about the features of Hylofit but so were big equine names such as Lynn Symansky, Jeff Cook and, Warwick Schiller. Hylofit is pushing the equine world forward and we can't wait to see where this journey will go!