Hylofit Data Live Streamed During Competition for the First Time at Carolina International


Saturday, March 23rd was a beautiful day for cross-country at the Carolina Horse Park. The sunny, dry conditions were perfect for the final leg of the three-day eventing competition.

“Hylofit's combination of heart rate and speed data is an incredible asset to our training program and competitive success.” - Doug Payne

Carolina International is the first event where the Hylofit system was approved for use during competition. The Hylofit data was live streamed so spectators could see the cardiovascular impact of the competition on both horse and rider in real time. During competition eight horse and rider pairs chose to ride with Hylofit across the three disciplines, dressage, jumping and cross-country.

Booli Selmayr and Millfield Lancando

Clayton Fredericks and Luksor

Chris Talley and Sandro’s Star

Doug Payne and Cascor

Doug Payne and Quantum Leap

Doug Payne and Star Witness

Doug Payne and Vandiver

Laura Fergusson and Honor Me

The live broadcast commentary by Nicole Brown was very informative. She educated viewers on the Hylofit data and kept referencing the heart rates of the competing pairs, comparing the cardiovascular impact of the competition across disciplines. Tuny Page, who joined her during the dressage day, said “Hylofit is a wonderful training tool… It is so indicative of where you are with your horse and its training and confidence, it’s a good sense of feedback of what stresses your horse.”

Watch all the rides on the Hylofit YouTube channel.