Hylofit Helps Ease A Mind In Colic Scare


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hylofit, this is a new wireless heart rate monitor for both horse and rider. Hylofit tracks your ride performance and provides insights to improve training results and promote the overall health and wellbeing of your horse. You might ask, why should I care about my horse’s heart rate? Changes to a horse’s heart rate can be an indication of overexertion, stress or pain. Specifically, monitoring your horse’s resting heart rate (RHR) could provide early detection of illness or injury. You can use these insights for better communication and overall partnership with your horse.


Hylofit has been able to help many riders in situations ranging from achieving certain training goals with their horses to detecting early signs of illness. Recreational rider, Rosalina Thomas, was thankful she had her Hylofit handy when her horse, Early, seemed to not feel himself one afternoon. The following is her story of how Hylofit helped to ease her mind and, to prevent a rather large vet bill.


About a month ago, I got the phone call from the barn manager that every horse owner dreads: "You need to get over here ASAP. Your horse isn't doing well, and it looks like colic." Colic impacts over 1 million horses every year in the US, and over 20,000 horses a year undergo expensive surgery for complications. In a panic, I drove up to the farm.  I found my horse in his stall and he seemed ok, but I didn't want to take a chance. Heart rate is an excellent indication of stress and pain, so I decided to give myself peace of mind and used my Hylofit to check his resting heart rate. A few months ago, I had used Hylofit to capture a baseline resting heart rate for my horse, so I could always know what's normal for him and also get alerts when it was outside of the normal range.  Within moments, my Hylofit confirmed that his heart rate was normal to his baseline resting heart rate (33 BPM) and I instantly felt relieved and confident that things were going to be ok. Using the Hylofit app, I shared my horse's data with my vet and sent him a text describing the colic scare. We agreed that it likely passed and for the next 3 days, I should follow a standard protocol of monitoring and increased fluids. Hylofit gave me peace of mind that my horse was ok and also saved me a potentially costly vet bill.


All riders care about the safety and wellbeing of their horses and, to be able to have a Hylofit to help eliminate the guesswork …. is my horse not feeling well? Is my horse in proper shape? … Hylofit aids riders to create a stronger partnership and, healthy, happy horses.