Hylofit's Special Demonstration at the American Gold Cup


On the afternoon of September 29th, 2018 Hylofit held a special demonstration at the prestigious American Gold Cup. Helping to showcase this new innovative product was Rodrigo and Alexa Pessoa. 

For those unfamiliar, the American Gold Cup is one the most well respected and iconic equestrian events in the world of show jumping. Thus, this was the perfect venue to show spectators how Hylofit is an easy to use wireless wearable for both horse and rider. Hylofit gives immediate in-ride feedback to those in the irons so that informed training decisions can be made from the saddle.

Just the ease of wearing Hylofit. It’s wearable for horse and rider, the app is really well designed. It’s very easy to understand and, it’s user-friendly.
— Alexa Pessoa

The demonstration took place on the famous Grand Prix grass ring at Old Salem Farm, right before the $250,000 American Gold Cup class. The stands were filled with eager fans waiting to cheer on their favorite riders.  

Rodrigo Pessoa mounted his bay gelding, California. As his wife, Alexa Pessoa stood in the middle of the ring having a question and answer interview with the well-known commentator Steve Wild.

Suddenly, as Rodrigo brought California to a rhythmic canter, one can see the scoreboard light up with the image of the horse's heart beat rate as well as Rodrigo’s in real time. All eyes were drawn to the big screen as Rodrigo and his trusty steed started to jump the fences. Gradually, the pairs heart rates began to spike.

During this process, Alexa and Steven Wild were having an insightful conversation about Hylofit.  

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.58.51 AM.png

Q: Why is knowing riders and horses heart rate so important?

A : It has been an insightful tool from an emotional standpoint for both the horses and ourselves. The difference that we see in our own heart rates, from riding or jumping at home to the show arena, gives us reason to think we need to work on those emotional tools and prepare ourselves mentally.

Q: Can you prepare better for competitions using Hylofit?

A: Absolutely, and that is obviously the pinnacle of the sport and that’s going to be a very useful tool for riders. Whether you are riding for fun, at home or in the amateur division. Hylofit is just giving you one more level of insight with your horse's anxiety and your own anxiety.


Q: We can see this is used in show jumping, we could see how this could be used in racing, and what other equine sports. What are your thoughts?

A: Absolutely, It was developed by a professional dressage rider. And the idea is to touch upon all disciplines and encourage people to cross train. It can be used in polo or racing, anything that involves a horse.