Tech & Tack is a blog series highlighting how riders are using Hylofit.

| APRIL 5, 2018  |  Annie McFee, a groom at Jewel Court Stud, has been using the Hylofit system as part of her training throughout the winter season in Wellington, FL.

Take a listen to Annie as she explains insights gathered from using Hylofit while lunging Italiano, a 5-year-old gelding dressage competitor.

We love how the system alerts her to the fact that lunging on the right is more difficult for Italiano (proven by the higher heart rate). This allows Annie to tailor her training and focus on specific muscle development with this young horse.

Also—it is always fun to see the heart rate jump when a little furry friend like Clover comes to say hello, as in the clip below! 

annie and italiano pic.jpeg