TECH & TACK SPOTLIGHT: PASCA & CLAIRE Demonstrating How To Remain In Tack | HYLOFIT


Tech & Tack is a blog series highlighting how riders are using Hylofit.

| APRIL 10, 2018  | Claire de Ridder has been a top Dutch vaulter since 1999. In 2015 she participated in the European Championships for the fourth time and in 2016 Claire was selected to the World Championships in Le Mans in France.

Claire, her horse Pasca, and lunger Christina Tetteroo, are looking to qualify for the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, NC later this year. As part of their training they are using heart rate to work more efficiently as a team. With Hylofit, Claire can clearly see the cardiovascular impact of the team’s training. In this video it is apparent that Claire and Pasca are in great shape and able to complete the routine with relative ease. Their heart rates remain low throughout the workout, increasing only slightly during the riskier moves.

Claire and Pasca are also using Hylofit to recognize the impact of noise and crowd enthusiasm at large vaulting events. The stress from these situations can be clearly identified through elevated heart rate. Claire and Pasca are working with natural horsemanship trainer, Tristan Tucker, using his TRT Method. With the help of Hylofit, Tristan is teaching Claire and Pasca how to handle these unexpected situations and compete at their best.