Tech & Tack is a blog series highlighting how riders are using Hylofit.

| MARCH 30, 2018  | Tristan Tucker is a globally renowned trainer and horseman best known for his TRT Method. Tristan’s focus is on making every horse confident and relaxed. One horse he trains is Jewel Court Stud’s Indiana Jones “Indy”, a 5-year-old gelding.

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Tristan regularly uses Hylofit as part of his training and horsemanship clinics. Last month while riding Indy, Tristan noticed an unusual increase in Indy’s heart rate. As Tristan describes in this video, his natural instinct as a rider told him that Indy was having a hard time and lacked confidence. The Hylofit data confirmed that Indy’s heart rate during warm-up was 10-15 bpm higher than usual, which clearly supported Tristan’s natural instinct with Indy.

Unbeknownst to Tristan, Indy had just had his feet done an hour before the ride. The increased heart rate reinforced that training that day was more difficult for Indy. But importantly, the data let Tristan know that Indy was in some physical discomfort and not just having a lazy day.