Welcome to Tech & Tack! This is the first in a series of blogs highlighting how riders are using Hylofit.

| MARCH 22, 2018  |  Our Co-Founder, Eliane van Reesema, has been using Hylofit to train her horses at Jewel Court Stud for over a year now. During the winter season, Eliane competes at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, FL. Jewel’s Codiak, a 9 year-old gelding, is one of the horses Eliane is competing this season.

Last Wednesday, Codiak kicked himself in his stall. The result was a swollen leg which Eliane treated with ice after a call to the veterinarian. Knowing that Eliane was going to be competing with Codiak that weekend, the vet suggested a light day of training for the next day.

ride summary.jpg

Because of her training sessions with Hylofit, Eliane knew exactly what constituted a “light workout” for Codiak and by extension how much she could push him to keep up his cardiovascular training during the workout. In order to get Codiak’s heart rate up and gently work the muscles in his leg, she decided to focus his training on a series of flying changes. She worked him for roughly 20 minutes, keeping his heart rate above 110 bmp for a good portion of the workout (post warm up).

Eliane used Hylofit to monitor Codiak’s heart rate range during the workout and ensure she didn’t push him too hard. The work loosened the muscles in his leg and the zone 3 training gave him the cardio he needed to maintain peak fitness heading into the weekend competition, where he took first in his l1.

Congratulations Eliane and Codiak!